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  • UndergroundAgent23

    It would be cool to see a crossover between the worlds of Tunnels and Star Wars, especially since Episode 7 came out. It could take place in the New Republic setting of the Extended Universe. Although I don't know the names, there are plenty of Earth-like planets it could be set on.

    Characters could be

    - Will Burrows (same role as in series, explorer looking for adventure, "Luke" character)
    - Styx (same role as in series, surrounded by the aura of the dark side, "Sith" characters that want to take over New Republic, not all use the Force, just the main villains)
    - Chester (same role as in series, loyal friend to Will, scared of many things, including Sith, makes the best of his bad luck)
    - Elliott ("Sabine/… Read more >
  • UndergroundAgent23

    Hello everyone! I belive that we can all work together to revamp the Tunnels sites and fandoms across the Internet.

    Tunnels is one of my all time favorite books series. There is just something about it that separates it from other works. I have been loving Tunnels for at least 2 years, and hope to in the future. Thank you to the amazing authors, Gordon and Williams. And thank you to all the administrators, editors, and fans who have made Tunnels Wikia amazing!

    The Tunnels Forum at quit activity in 2013. Many other great fan-art sites such as MundoTunneles are in Spanish and cannot be understood by the English-speaking community. The Polish producers' Tunnels site has an extremely fun interactive game (but in Polish, sadly for …

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