Tam Macaulay


Human; Colonist



Hair Color





Sarah Jerome (sister)
Grandma Macaulay (mother)
John Jerome (brother-in-law)
Will (nephew)
Cal (nephew)
A deceased nephew

  Tam Macaulay is Cal and Will's uncle, who lives in the Colony. He is a troublemaker for the Styx, and the leader of a rebellious "group" of Colonists. He is the member of Will's real family who "accepted him (Will) back in…without any hesitation." He was the person who created the plan to break Chester out of jail and escape to the Eternal City. Sadly, he dies at the end of the first book, leaving Cal, Will, and Imago sad. Will sees visions of him later in his adventures.

Appearances Edit

Tunnels Edit

Tam first appears when Grandma Macaulay is introducing Will to the Colony. He and WIll instantly start to bond. They talk about Chester's fate, the Deeps, and how Dr. Burrows took a one-way on the Miners' Train to the Deeps. After Will's day at work, Will goes to meet Tam at The Buttock and File, a tavern. Will meets his rebellious gang. Tam also gets into a fistfight with Heraldo Walsh.

He later forms a plan to break Chester out of prison. He gives Will a map and some node stones for the plan. After the Styx know about the escape, the Panoply interrogates Tam about what happened. He manages to avoid being caught. During the meeting, Tam also realizes that Rebecca is the Crawfly's daughter.

Later, Tam escapes to the Eternal City with Imago Freebone, following the sound and light of the fireworks that Will set off. They lead the boys to the entrance of the Labyrinth, but is stopped by Crawfly, who has a Styx army. Tam and Crawfly duel, with Tam winning. After telling Imago to lead the boys to safety, Tam stays behind to hold off the remaining Styx, saying that he is finished anyway.

Freefall and Closer Edit

Will sees visions of Tam throughout his adventures in the Pore and in the inner world. One vision shows Tam smoking a pipe near Martha's Shack. Often, Will asks the vision what to do.

Personality Edit

Tam is a very easygoing and fun person to be around. He is a Colonist who is rebellious of the Styx, and he and his group often joke around about them. However, he knows when to be serious when the time comes (such as when Imago starts talking about Topsoil).

He also cares very much about his family, including Will. He stays behind in the Eternal City so Will and Cal could have a chance at surviving.

Appearances Edit