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Tunnels is a book series written by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams. The books take place in England and an underground world, with Will Burrows as the main character.When looking for Will's missing father, Will Burrows and his friend Chester accidentally discover a secret underground world filled with "colonists" and "Styx". The Styx are evil people that are planning to release a fatal virus on the Earth's surface, so that they can colonize Earth with their own people. Will and Chester learn that Will's father journeyed deeper into the Earth, and they follow him, meeting several other people along the way. Will discovers that his sister, Rebecca, is actually an undercover Styx, and that she is completely evil and will stop at nothing to kill him. They pursue Will's father deeper into the Earth, up to the point where Will and his friends end up in the center of the world. The books in order are: Tunnels, Deeper, Freefall, Closer, Spiral, and Terminal. Throughout the books Will must join forces with the most unlikely of allies to fight the Styx, who are bent on taking over the surface world, but not all is as it seems... and nothing can last forever..

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"So, are we going to jump for it?" Will said, peering at what he assumed was a sheer drop.

"Sure, be my guest.  It's several hundred feet down, as the stone falls," Elliott replied.  "But you might want to try over here instead. A Coprolite ladder.  Not as quick as jumping, but much less painful."

— Deeper in page 319

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Porter-Tunnels-movie-oficial-modificada2 Tunnels is the film adaptation of the first installment of the novel series from Scholastic/Chicken House publishing, by authors Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams, which has sold over one million copies and has been published in nearly forty countries worldwide. Read more

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The book was initially self-published as The Highfield Mole in 2005, and re-released as Tunnels by Chicken House in 2007
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