Tunnels manga

Published by

Goma Books

Illustrated by

Shigeru Kimura




April 23, 2009 (first volume)
June 3, 2009 (second volume)

 In 2008, Goma Books bought the rights of Tunnels and started working on the manga format of the novel. The company split the first book of the series in three parts, and they were supposed to be published individually. However, the third and last part was never released.

The first volume of the manga adaptation of Tunnels was launched in April 2009, followed quickly by the second part in June of the same year. The covers were made by the artist Shigeru Kimura.

English version Edit

After the Japanese company went into administration, Barry Cunningham (publisher of the series), showed interest in buying the rights to produce a new edition in English. However, discussions never completely closed and the project was abandoned. 

Pictures Edit

Tuneles manga 1

Cover of the first volume showing Will with his shovel.


Cover of the second volume showing Rebecca.

Tuneles manga 2

Will at Forty Pits with his bike and shovel.

Pagina tuneles manga 1

First pages of the manga. Terry Watkins being kidnapped by Styx.


Cal, Will and Chester about to escape to the Eternal City, ambushed by Styx.


Styx agents in Topsoil.