Sir Gabriel Martineau is the founder of The Colony.

Sir Gabriel Martineau (1673 - after 1733) - English wealthy inventor, designer, Founder of Colony , where he spent much of his life. According to official figures, he died in a fire in 1733. He designed Martineau Square in Highfield and has created a network of underground tunnels under that same town. Martineau was a man of very devout and caring.

Biography   Edit

Gabriel Martineau was born in 1673 in Highfield., As the son of a wealthy dyer. After the death of his father, he took over the family business, Martineau, Long & Co., which significantly increased, adding a dye to the Heath Street two more factories. He had extensive knowledge of physics, chemistry, engineering, was also a gifted inventor. Perhaps Hook (1635 - 1703) - inventor of the mechanism which gave rise to the vacuum pump was inspired by the drawings Martineau. In 1710, it come the big unemployment. Gabriel took advantage of this and started to hire employees who built the existing today Martineau Square and destroyed during World War II Grayston Villas. Workers dyer came to be called People Martineay. According to unconfirmed information soon they took up building a vast network of tunnels under Highfiel. Perhaps With these People were Styksowie , who at that time actually made ​​contact with Gabriel. Prior to their headquarters - the Eternal City swept the epidemic that decimated its inhabitants, and forced survivors to flee. Martineau began working with Styksami soon and with them created a colony , underground city, where the British began to settle. They began life in isolation from the rest of society, against which concealed the existence of Colony. Martineau life changed after his wife's death (b. Approx. 1686), who fell ill with tuberculosis and in 1718. Died. According to official information, the man seeking consolation, he joined a religious sect and more rarely appeared in public. In fact, probably began spending more and more time in Cologne, only occasionally appearing on the surface that was not considered missing. Sources say that he died in 1733. With her two daughters in a fire in his home on the outskirts of Highfield. In fact, he moved with them to the Colony, where he spent the rest of his life.