Oscar Embers

Race/ Species

Human, Topsoiler


Former actor, former helper at the Highfield Museum, Styx Agent


Eighty (at the beginning of Tunnels)



 Oscar Embers is a Styx agent, but is unknown whether he'd been exposed to the Dark Lights or is working for them willingly. He makes his first appearance in Tunnels, and is the one who gives Dr. Burrows the light orb. He's good friends with Mrs. Tantrumi.

Physical Appearance and Personality Edit

He's described as an old man, in his eighties, with gray hair and a prosthetic teeth. He is a retired actor and 'formed a passion for the museum after donating some of his autographed portraits to the archives'.

He helped Dr Burrows at the museum every Saturday.

In the books Edit

Tunnels Edit

He makes his first appeareance in Tunnels. He gives Dr. Burrows the light orb, which makes the events of Tunnels possible. He says that his friend Mrs Tantrumi is the one who gave him the light orb in first place, although he claims she found it in her cellar when the gas company was doing some repairs. In Freefall it is explained that was actually Rebecca who planned this all along.

Freefall Edit

In the third book, Drake and his team with the help of Celia are trying to ambush the Styx but Oscar and Mrs. Tantrumi trick them and detonate a subaural bomb that which knocks everything in its blast radius unconcious.

Quotes Edit

  • "I was given this by old Mrs. Tantrumi — you know, the Italian lady who lives just off the end of Main Street.  It was found in her cellar when the gas company was doing some repairs.  Stuck in the dirt, it was.  One of them kicked it with his foot.  I think we should include it in the collection." (Oscar - Tunnels)
  • "We've played you right from the start, right from that day we sent Oscar Embers into the museum with the luminescent orb.  We wanted to get you on the hook, knowing how it would play out.  Knowing that sooner or later it would flush Sarah Jerome into the open." (Rebecca - Freefall)