New Germania


In the Garden of the Second Sun


Standing, but mostly abandoned


At least 5000, but later 0

  New Germania is a German city in the Garden of the Second Sun/the inner world of the Earth. Ruled by The Chancellor, New Germania is a large metropolis, similar to one found in Germany. It has its own culture and is extremely prosperous.  

Before the events of Closer, the populace was living in peace. However, the Styx took over the city, brainwashing most of it to use as an army.  


In 1944, a group of Nazis, seeing that the war was nearly lost, started an expedition to get to Antartica and to escape to the center of the Earth. It was successful, as they found an opening which led straight into the inner world. Although the leaders of the expedition were killed, many Germans moved into the inner world, and the opening was closed using explosives. The current population of New Germania is descended from these people.

In the series Edit

Closer: Edit

The Rebeccas come upon New Germania when escaping Will and Elliott's ambush in the mine. They see it spread out below them while they escape through the mountain. Rebecca Two makes the decision to go to the city for help. They walk into it, but are seen by the frightened residents.

In the end of the book, the Styx begin to Darklight all of the city. The Rebeccas and some Limiters sneak into the Chancellor's bedroom and force him to surrender. As the twins are taken back to the Colony via hot-air balloons through the Pore, they bring some of New Germania's Army with them. Limiters are left behind in New Germania to watch over the city.

Spiral: Edit

Most of New Germania's population was moved up to the Colony. The Darklit soldiers were berthed in the Colony's houses, which had been evicted for the purpose of bringing the Army to the surface.

Known TechnologyEdit

Volkswagen Staff Cars

Panzer Mk I-VIIII

Focke-Achgelis 223

Messerschmitt 263

Horten 229