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Celia Burrows


Human; English






Roger Burrows (ex-husband)

Will Burrows (Adopted son)

Rebecca (Adopted daughter)

Jean (Sister)

Mrs. Celia Burrows is Will Burrows's adoptive mother. She took him in after Sarah Jerome took Will Topsoil and left him there. At first, Celia is lazy and doesn't care about the family. However, she later becomes an important ally in the fight against the Styx.


Tunnels: Edit

Mrs. Burrows first appears when Will Burrows comes back from digging with Chester. As usually, she is watching TV and has her programs all planned out.

Physical AppearanceEdit


Mrs Burrows

Mrs. Burrows as depicted by a fan.

In the first 2 books of the series, Mrs. Burrows is lazy and does not care about her husband and family. She often spent all of her time watching TV or going out to see movies (when she actually got out). She left the running of the family mainly to Rebecca. When she stays at Humphrey House, she gets annoyed and sometimes grouchy because some of the residents are strange.

However, she later becomes more outgoing when she decides to investigate her family's disappearance. The whole experience working with Drake and fighting the Styx has toughened her up. Her development of her Dark Light-produced "turbo nose" has also made her an invaluable part of Will and his family.


  • "I pray that those around me may not spoil my peace of mind." - when Mrs. Burrows is resisting the Dark Lights in Freefall

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