Light Orb

Will holding a Light Orb in the Japanese cover of Deeper.

Light Orb


Colonists, Styx, Coprolites


Providing Light


In Use

 The light orb is an object used by The Colonists and Styx.


It is believed that light orbs were first created by Sir Gabriel Martineau's scientists after they discovered the formula.  Soon after it was mass produced in the West Cavern; many of the orbs were placed throughout the Colony during it's creation as it's main source of light.

The Coprolites work for the Styx in exchange for light orbs and other items crucial for survival, such as food, etc.

At least one light orb was brought to the surface, where it was unearthed by Mrs. Tantrumi, a spy for the Styx.  Oscar embers, another spy, gave the orb to Dr. Burrows for studies (or to draw him towards the Colony).  He gave this light orb to a college friend of his for further studies, who later returned it with an idea of how it worked.  Will took possession of this orb and carried it with him through the Colony and it's surrounding tunnels, although it is unknown if he kept it or not.


Light orbs come in a variety of sizes, from as small as marbles to as large as soccer balls.  They appear to be a glass ball (made from Antwerp glass) with a swirling liquid inside.

The function of the orb causes it to glow brighter the darker the surrounding area is.  It is unknown how this works; one possible theory is that two liquids inside the orb, theorized to be silver- and helium-based, work together with a solid particle in the middle, causing a reaction when there's low light.

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