Hair Color

Black (natural)

Tawny (dyed)

Eye Color


Skin Color



Student; Spy; Aspiring Egg Layer






The Styx girl known as "Emma" was a minor player during the Phase, most notable for failing to be induced at the health spa in Kent.

Biography Edit

Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Emma's life, however, considering what is known of the Styx's childrearing habits, a few assumptions can be made:

  • The Styx girl known as Emma was implanted into a Topsoil family at an early age.
  • Her Topsoil parents were Darklit to provide an environment for her growth that the Styx considered appropriate.
  • She was sent to the Styx's private school.

The PhaseEdit

"Emma, I'm sorry it didn't work out for you."

"So am I."

"Don't be a stranger."

- Rebecca Two and Emma

Due to her youth, Emma was not initially selected to join in the Phase. However, after the Old Guard's attack on the Styx's factory in Slough, which only two Styx females, Vane and Alex, survived, the Styx were desperate for egg layers, trying to induce girls who hadn't yet completed puberty, such as Emma. One day they took her from the private school to the health spa, throwing her in the spa's sauna with Alex and a darklit human. Although she experienced the gagging sensation in her throat where her ovipositor would deploy and the shooting pains in her upper back where her insect limbs would burst out, it turned out that she was too young to join in with the Phase. Depressed, she was sent back to the Styx school.


"Is it true that not a single Styx has been left Topsoil, or anyone who had any Styx blood in them, like Elliott?"

- Will Burrows

When Elliott activated the recall, Emma, like the rest of the Styx, was teleported down to the inner world. Once there, she was killed by the still-present plague, which she had no immunity to.

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