"Nobody knows their names, but we call him the Crawfly, on account he can't so easily be shaken off."
Cal to Will about the Crawfly in Tunnels
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The Rebeccas (daughters)

The Old Styx (father)

 The Crawfly was a Styx leader in the Colony.


Not much is known about the Crawfly's past. Although he is a part of the royal Styx family, he has a considerably low-ranking position among them. He was known for making deals with criminal Colonists to do the Styx's dirty work, and that he was commonly causing trouble to the Macaulay family for years ever since Sarah Jerome ran away from the Colony.

The Crawfly makes his first appearance in Tunnels, where he is seen speaking with Heraldo Walsh, a Colonist, to harrass Tam Macaulay after his nephew Will Burrows returns from the surface.

He is later seen interrogating Tam after Will and Cal make a break for Topsoil. At this point it is revealed that he is the father of the Rebeccas (Rebecca at this time). He isn't seen again until Tam and Imago Freeborn attempt to rescue Will and Cal from The Eternal City, where he has an army of Styx at his command. In an attempt to settle loose ends, he and Tam battle with scythes and a machete, respectively. After wounding Tam, he prepares to deliver the final blow, but Tam is prepared; he jumps up at the last second and slashes the Styx's throat before stabbing him in the chest, killing him immediately. After that, his daughters, the Rebeccas, hunt down every single one of Will's family members and kill them, along with anyone who has helped him.


The Crawfly retains the form of an average Styx, wearing the manditory black suit and white collar.  He has neat black hair and is a tall, slender man.

Trivia Edit

  • The Crawfly is similar to Darth Maul in many ways. Both are tall men who are the apprentice of a much more powerful figure (Old Styx, Palpatine). They have a vendetta against a main character who is a mentor to a younger character (Tam, Qui-Gon). Both of them duel that character and die, and they use 2 blades in the duel (2 scythes, double-blade lightsaber).


"Funny how rats always use the same runs...leaving their grease and stinking spoor on the sides.  I knew I'd get you one day; it was just a matter of time."

-The Crawfly speaking to Tam, shortly before their fight

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