• Drakeliot


    December 9, 2018 by Drakeliot


    Any news about „Tunnels” future? The Polish group of „Tunnels” is dead, so i’m writing here (sorry for my language :D) On twitter, Roderick responded to one comment firm fan(fan was talking about the movie)with this words:

    „No, thank you, and things happening with the proposed TV series!”

    I’m glad to hear that. If you know any news, please contact, i cant wait for new tunnels!

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  • Vittarius

    Due to the heavy vandalism some of our wiki articles went through recently, I've decided to change the protection of them for a while to avoid any more troubles.

    If you want to edit any of our protected articles, please, send me a message and I'll change the permission requirements. 

    Thanks for being a part of our community! 

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  • Vittarius

    A seventh book?

    September 19, 2017 by Vittarius

     As some of you might know, last year a petition was launched to try and convince Chicken House of publishing another book. Roderick Gordon even said in an interview that he wanted to write another but the editor said it wasn’t profitable (how could he??) 

    Anyway, here’s the link:  SIGN THIS PLEASE

    We can make this happen! (probably not lol, but we won’t lose anything if we try)

    *Tunnels Fandom United*

    He’s even started to write a spinoff about Drake, you can read an extract here: (Chicken House doesn’t want to publish this either…of course)

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  • Awesome16316

    hello everybody

    April 25, 2016 by Awesome16316
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  • UndergroundAgent23

    It would be cool to see a crossover between the worlds of Tunnels and Star Wars, especially since Episode 7 came out. It could take place in the New Republic setting of the Extended Universe. Although I don't know the names, there are plenty of Earth-like planets it could be set on.

    Characters could be

    - Will Burrows (same role as in series, explorer looking for adventure, "Luke" character)
    - Styx (same role as in series, surrounded by the aura of the dark side, "Sith" characters that want to take over New Republic, not all use the Force, just the main villains)
    - Chester (same role as in series, loyal friend to Will, scared of many things, including Sith, makes the best of his bad luck)
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  • UndergroundAgent23

    Hello everyone! I belive that we can all work together to revamp the Tunnels sites and fandoms across the Internet.

    Tunnels is one of my all time favorite books series. There is just something about it that separates it from other works. I have been loving Tunnels for at least 2 years, and hope to in the future. Thank you to the amazing authors, Gordon and Williams. And thank you to all the administrators, editors, and fans who have made Tunnels Wikia amazing!

    The Tunnels Forum at quit activity in 2013. Many other great fan-art sites such as MundoTunneles are in Spanish and cannot be understood by the English-speaking community. The Polish producers' Tunnels site has an extremely fun interactive game (but in Polish, sadly for …

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  • Simon The Cosmic Owl

    This is my very first blog post on this wiki, so I won't make this one long.

    So yeah. Several days ago I read the whole series again. And once again I saw the "international bestseller" mark on the book. So a simple, but logical question suddenly came to my head - why is there almost no fanbase at all??? I mean it says the very same thing on all those other "trendy" books like Harry Potter etc., but theTunnels fanbase compared to all those other pesky fanbases looks desperately small. So do you know someone else that would also be into the series, or do you have any idea why there's so not much of active fans? (Do not mention kidnappings by Styx, they are peaceful and really don't do anything bad. And stop that "dark light" nonsense. Surely …

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  • Bdejean
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  • Bdejean

    Alright. I'm new to this community. I absolutely love this series! Anyways, a couple things that kept the series fresh. For some reason, I can't recall much of Tunnels or Deeper except for the final bit of Deeper, which I remember perfectly. Here are some random ravings that no one probably wants to read. Oh, well. I'll blog anyway.

    First, the Rebeccas. I don't see how anyone could've seen that coming. Two of them? They're quite horrid, as everyone knows.

    (Sorry, something I've wanted to say since I read Closer)

    Oh, yes, the Rebeccas are coming with their little virus, but you know what? There's worse here than Rebeccas. Oh, yes. Eddie's coming. Probably the worst ape descendant to ever come about in or on this planet. Oh, yes. Get ready, you'll need…

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